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  Thanks a lot to 3volution for helping me iron out some bugs and for giving me some helpful suggestions that really helped make the plugin more user-friendly.

  Thanks a lot to raa for helping me pinpoint the defusal kit crash, and for discovering the respawn bug (which, to this day, is only questionally fixed).

  Thanks a lot to BAILOPAN for binary logging, and for CSDM spawn files that I could leech off of. Oh, and also AMXX, etcetera.

  Thanks to VEN for Fakemeta Utilities to ease development

  Thanks to Chr!$ for his German download mirrors.

  Thanks a lot to all of my supporters, but especially: 3volution, aligind4h0us3, arkshine, Curryking, Gunny, IdiotSavant, Mordekay, polakpolak, raa, Silver Dragon, and ToT | V!PER.

  Thanks especially to all of the translators: arkshine, b!orn, commonbullet, Curryking, Deviance, D o o m, e-N-z, Fr3ak0ut, godlike, harbu, iggy_bus, jopmako, KylixMynxAltoLAG, Morpheus759, SAMURAI16, TEG, ToT | V!PER, trawiator, Twilight Suzuka, and webpsiho.

  If I missed you, please yell at me.
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