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  The latest stable release of GunGame SQL is 1.03, released on March 2nd, 2008 (03/02/08). There are no older versions available for download.

  This plugin provides a backend for getting your GunGame AMXX stats onto your website's SQL servers. A simple example PHP script for parsing these results is provided.

  The connection is made using the database information that you provide with the cvars (before 1.02, it used sql.cfg). The cvars specific to this plugin are (feel free to add to gungame.cfg):

  • gg_sql_host (default "") - the host to use for the connection.
  • gg_sql_user (default "root") - the user to use for the connection.
  • gg_sql_pass (default "") - the password to use for the connection.
  • gg_sql_db (default "amx") - the database to use for the connection.
  • gg_sql_table (default "gg_stats") - the table to store the stats in.
  • gg_sql_updaterate (default 3) - the number of map changes that pass before your stats file information is updated into your SQL database.

  Because the plugin updates by clearing out your stats table and then reinserting every row, as of version 1.03, a row is inserted with an authid of "updating" and the correct timestamp and server IP when the plugin begins the updating process. This row is removed upon completion.

GunGame SQL 1.03

03/02/08 :: GunGame SQL 1.03 Changelog
  • Added the update flag, and fixed some other things, which I've forgotten (I did this about a year ago).
03/11/07 :: GunGame SQL 1.02 Changelog
  • Added specific cvars for all connection information, instead of using sql.cfg.
03/08/07 :: GunGame SQL 1.01 Changelog
  • Note that you need to delete your old gg_stats table in order for GunGame SQL 1.01 to work!

  • Added a new field to the table, serverip, which is the IP address of the server that the stats were uploaded from (requested by ferret_uk).

  • Added a new cvar gg_sql_table (default "gg_stats"), which allows you to choose which table to store the stats information in.

  • Added an error message display for all queries, instead of only some.
03/06/07 :: GunGame SQL 1.00 Changelog
  • Initial release.
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