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P1. I installed everything but GunGame just doesn't run! Why? (back to top)

  Make sure that you have AMXX 1.80 or later, and that you have the Cstrike, Fakemeta, and Ham Sandwich modules running. Read through the Installing Modules step of the installation section to figure out how to do this.

  If, after verifying that you are running version 1.80 or later and that you have the aforementioned modules enabled, it still doesn't load, go to the Troubleshooting page to figure out what to do next. In your forum post, also include anything in the server console that is printed during server startup (such as, "Plugin failed to load: etcetera"). Before you do this, enable debug mode on the plugin, by appending " debug" to the plugin name in the plugins.ini file. For example:
gungame.amxx debug

P2. Why does everything say as ML_NOTFOUND? (back to top)

  This might mean that your dictionary file is missing, or broken. Try downloading a new one to fix the problem. Also, if you are making changes to the dictionary file, you must save it in UTF-8 without the BOM characters. This cannot be done in Notepad or WordPad. I use EMEditor for this.

P3. How come some weapons don't get any extra backpack ammo, or the game crashes after a specific level (usually the rifles)? (back to top)

  This only happens when you are running a modded version of Counter-Strike. The most common mods that qualify are: non-Steam CS, zBot, a cracked HLDS, or CS 1.5. These are unsupported by AMXX and there is no workaround besides not using these. Not only are they unsupported, but they completely don't work with GunGame.

P4. I'm running Deagles' Map Management, so why aren't the votes coming up? (back to top)

  There are a couple things that could be going wrong. First, make sure that you have gg_vote_setting set to 1 or higher in your gungame.cfg file (see the cvar list for more information).

  Then, verify that you do NOT have a gungame_mapcycle.txt file in the mod directory (cstrike/ or czero/), or in your addons/amxmodx/configs/ directory. If you are running a GunGame map cycle file, then no votes will occurr.

  If it still doesn't work, verify that you have the .amxx file named correctly. If you are running DMM 2.30b, the file must be named "deagsmapmanage230b.amxx". If you are running any other version, the file must be named "deagsmapmanager.amxx".

  If still there are no votes occurring, make sure that you are not running DMM in cycle mode, by using the command dmap_votemode (requires high admin access, it's easiest to just run in server console). If it says "Unknown command", then you aren't even running DMM in the first place!

  After all that, if still no votes come up, monitor your server console around the time that the vote should be occurring, to check for messages from DMM. Make a post on the forums with your problem, and include the aforementioned output, if there is any.

P5. Why is it that some kills are reported as suicides instead of kills?
(back to top)

  Usually this means that you are running another plugin that changes how much damage a player does. For example, Warcraft 3 Mod or HE Damage Multiplier. In reality, death by the extra damage that these plugins cause makes a player kill themselves. It merely shows up to you that they were killed by someone else. These types of plugins won't work with GunGame.

P6. Why does all of the GunGame text appear as squares? (back to top)

  This means that somehow your AMXX language got set to something that GunGame is unfamiliar with. To revert it back to normal, type this in console.
setinfo "lang" "en"


Q1. How do I make it so that players receive their next weapon instantly upon level up? (back to top)

  You must set gg_turbo to 1 in your gungame.cfg file. Read through the cvar list for more information.

Q2. How can I make weapons have individual kill requirements? (back to top)

  Add :X to the end of a weapon name to require X kills for that weapon. For example:

gg_weapon_order "glock18,deagle:5,mp5navy:3,m4a1:4,awp:1,m249,knife:2"

If there is no specific goal attached to that weapon, it is assumed to be whatever gg_kills_per_lvl is, except for the grenade and knife levels, where the default is 1. Read through the cvar list for more information.

Q3. How do these random weapon orders work? (back to top)

  You'll notice several gg_weapon_orderX cvars in your gungame.cfg file. Starting at number 1 and working your way towards 10, set each of them to one of the possible weapon orders that you want to use, in the same format as the regular gg_weapon_order cvar. You don't have to use all 10 random weapon orders if you don't want to: just leave any that you don't use blank. However, make sure that they are all in order! For example, if you want to use 3 random weapon orders, use the cvars gg_weapon_order1-3 -- don't pick random ones (such as 2, 5, 10). If you are using random weapon orders, the value of your original gg_weapon_order cvar doesn't matter, as it will be changed at every map to one of the random choices.

  The random weapon order sequence is randomly shuffled and then played in order. For example, let's say that you have 5 random weapon orders. They are randomly shuffled, like so (only an example): rorder5, rorder2, rorder1, rorder4, rorder3

  Then, they are selected in that order (first map will use rorder5, second map will use rorder2, etcetera), until you get to the end of the list (after you play all the way through rorder3). Then they are shuffled again (only an example): rorder2, rorder3, rorder5, rorder1, rorder4

  Rinse and repeat. If GunGame were to pick a random one every time, you could possibly run into (or never run into) the same weapon orders over and over again (for example: rorder4, rorder5, rorder4, rorder5, rorder4).

Q4. How do I get players to respawn at random locations? (back to top)

  See Random Spawn Points from the installation guide. Also read the cvar list and examine the difference between using gg_cs_dm_spawn_random 1 and 2 (for CS).

Q5. Is there any way to disable the round timer? (back to top)

  There's no way, with GunGame alone, to disable the round timer. Such would require all server operators to run an extra module on their server (MemHack), which can be asking a lot for some people (just trying to get them to compile with is enough!). If you really do want to completely disable the round timer, CSDM (downloadable here) has that functionality. See Question 6 to learn how to run GunGame and CSDM in unison.

Q6. Can I run CSDM with GunGame: CS? (back to top)

  Yes, CSDM is fully compatible with the Counter-Strike edition of GunGame. Just remember to turn off GunGame's deathmatch functionality (by setting gg_dm to 0 in your gungame.cfg), and to turn off CSDM's weapon menu (disable the csdm_equip.amxx plugin).

Q7. Can I run WC3/SuperHero with GunGame? (back to top)

  You can try, but the results will most likely be less-than-desirable. These plugins cause players to do extra damage (see Problem 5 for why this is a problem) and sometimes give players extra weapons, which conflicts with GunGame's functionality.

Q8. Can I have map-specific GunGame configs (ie: weapon orders)?
(back to top)

  Yes, and it's very simple to set up. AMXX has a custom map configuration feature. You can figure out how to create one by following this guide. Put any of the GunGame cvars that you want overridden while running that map into that configuration file. For example, creating an addons/amxmodx/configs/maps/de_dust2.cfg file with the input below, would force the specified weapon order while disabling any other possible random weapon orders, only while playing de_dust2.
gg_weapon_order "deagle,mp5navy,ak47,awp,knife"
gg_weapon_order1 ""
gg_weapon_order2 ""
gg_weapon_order3 ""
gg_weapon_order4 ""
gg_weapon_order5 ""
gg_weapon_order6 ""
gg_weapon_order7 ""
gg_weapon_order8 ""
gg_weapon_order9 ""
gg_weapon_order10 ""
Note that you can do this to override any GunGame cvars, not just weapon orders.

Q9. How can I get GunGame AMXX stats onto my website? (back to top)

  Check out the GunGame SQL page.

Q10. How do I use the CSRespawn module? (back to top)

  As of GunGame 2.10, the CSRespawn module is no longer supported or needed.

Q11. How do random win sounds work? (back to top)

  Separate the different win sounds with semicolons (;) in gg_sound_winner, like "winsound1;winsound2;winsound3" and so on. There can be up to 12 different win sounds, each individual sound having a limit of 48 characters, and the entire cvar value having a limit of 576 characters. They are shuffled randomly exactly like the random weapon orders.

Q12. How does Teamplay Mode work? (back to top)

  Teamplay mode, added in version 2.10, can be activated by setting gg_teamplay to 1 (or 2 if you want it to randomly be on or off). During Teamplay Mode, it's the Terrorist team versus the Counter-Terrorist team.

  Instead of players leveling up individually, they level up as a team. When you kill someone, your kill gets added to your team's pool of kills. Once your team reaches the kill requirement (which is the individual kill requirement multipled by the number of players on that team), your entire team levels up.

  Level steals only net your team the individual kill requirement for that level. Also, the amount of points that you get when your team wins is based on how much time you spent on that team (percentage-based, using the time you spent on the winning team versus the time you spent on the losing team).
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