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07/25/08 :: GunGame AMXX 2.11c Changelog (back to top)
  • Fixed a bug that would cause players to not get reset after the warmup round was over. Consequently, they would initially be on the warmup round's weapon until they died or leveled up. Reported by Juvenile.

  • Fixed a conflict with gg_knife_elite and gg_pickup_others.

07/20/08 :: GunGame AMXX 2.11b Changelog (back to top)
  • Switched to an even better method of respawn detection. As a result, the fullupdate command is no longer blocked, so GunGame shouldn't cause any problems with demo recording or HLTV.

  • When the round is restarted (such as by sv_restartround), GunGame no longer resets everyone's levels.

  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause players to receive negative point values when using gg_stats_mode 2.

  • Fixed a bug when using gg_nade_glock and gg_pickup_others.

  • Fixed two runtime errors reported by AcidoX.

  • Specifying an empty string for any of the sound cvars no longer causes a crash. Reported by P4rD0nM3.

  • Fixed the Top 10 header sometimes being cut short. Reported by cre8or.

06/18/08 :: GunGame AMXX 2.11 Changelog (back to top)
  • The command to turn GunGame on and off is most definitely amx_gungame now (definitely not amx_gungame_status).

  • Fixed a crash bug when using only one random weapon order (thanks aspenasplund).

  • Fixed FATAL ERROR (shutting down): Host_Error: WriteDest_Parm: not a client crash bug (thanks Pamaliska and vittu).

  • Fixed the GunGame mapcycle not working when the time limit runs out (thanks wowwen).

  • Fixed armoury_entitys not being touchable after turning GunGame off (thanks haudi).

  • Certain messages that used words for numbers (ie: "one" instead of "1") will now use digits when displayed in another language, instead of using the English word (thanks CrABe).

  • Added new cvar gg_kills_botmod (default 1.0). The kills per level for bots is multipled by this value. Doesn't work in teamplay. Requested by Impaler.

  • Added new cvar gg_bots_skipnade (default 0). If enabled, bots skip the hegrenade level. Doesn't work in teamplay. Requested by Impaler.

  • Added new cvar gg_afk_protection (default 0). If enabled, players can't get points for killing "AFK" players (players who haven't done anything since they spawned). Requested by IdiotSavant.

  • Added public function get_player_info(id, &rf_level, &rf_score, rf_lvlWeapon[], len, &rf_spawnProtected, &rf_statsPosition) to be used with callfunc.

03/02/08 :: GunGame AMXX 2.10 Changelog (back to top)
  • Requires AMXX 1.80, with the Ham Sandwich module enabled.

  • Because of the Ham Sandwich module, you no longer need the CSRespawn module to respawn players correctly in CS. The original, terrible method (non-CSRespawn) has been completely removed now. You can remove the CSRespawn module from your server.

  • Because of the Ham Sandwich module, giving and removing weapons should be a lot smoother now.

  • The default values of many cvars have been changed to what I feel reflects more common and more requested usage. I'm no longer sticking with the old standard of setting up the defaults to match GunGame for CS:S's defaults.

  • There is now a teamplay mode! Teams get points and level up as a single entity. The team's kill goal is the individual kill goal for that level multiplied by the amount of players on that team.

    Added a new cvar, gg_teamplay (default 0), which controls the status of Teamplay Mode. If set to 2, teamplay will be randomly on or off every game.

  • Added a new cvar, gg_teamplay_melee_mod (default 0.33), which is the kill goal modifier for melee weapons while playing Teamplay Mode. So using its default value, a team would only need to get 1 knife kill for every 3 players on its team (rounded up), instead of 1 for 1.

  • Added a new cvar, gg_teamplay_nade_mod (default 0.50), which is the kill goal modifier for grenade weapons while playing Teamplay Mode. So using its default value, a team would only need to get 1 grenade kill for every 2 players on its team (rounded up), instead of 1 for 1.

  • Added a new cvar, gg_teamplay_timeratio (default 1). If enabled, you have to spend at least half of your time on the winning team of a teamplay match to receive a win. Also, the points you get from each team are based on the percentage of time played on those teams. For example, you spend 25% of your time on CT and 75% on T. The CTs get 20 points and the Ts get 24 points. You would get 25% x 20 = 5 and 75% x 24 x 1.5 (gg_stats_winbonus) = 27, for 32 total.

  • There is now a fancy MOTD screen when someone wins the round, it's functionality controlled by the gg_winner_motd cvar (default 1).

  • Added a console command, amx_gungame_win [target], which requires ADMIN_BAN (flag "d") access. If a target is provided, it will force that player to win. If no target is provided, it will find the best player (sorted by highest level, then highest kills, then least deaths) instead. This could be useful if you are planning on manually changing maps but don't want to shortchange your players.

  • Added a console command, amx_gungame_teamplay <0|1> [killsperlvl] [suicideloselvl], which requires ADMIN_BAN (flag "d") access. It turns Teamplay Mode on or off, allowing you to optionally specify a new gg_kills_per_lvl and gg_suicide_penalty (see below) value.

  • Added a console command, amx_gungame_restart [time] [reset], which requires ADMIN_BAN (flag "d") access. This will restart the GunGame round, allowing you to optionally specify a delay (in seconds). If reset is 1, the config and other things are reloaded as well.

  • Added a server command, gg_reloadweapons, which reloads the weapon order based on the current gg_weapon_order and gg_killsperlvl cvars. You only need to use this if you change either of these cvars in the middle of the game.

  • Added a new cvar, gg_leader_display (default 1), which toggles the displaying of a constant leader display at the top of the screen. The format is Leader: Player +ties (lvlnum - lvlname). For example: Leader: Avalanche +2 (11 - mp5navy). Ties is the number of other players on the same level.

  • Added a new cvar, gg_leader_display_x (default -1.0), which is the X (horizontal) position of the aforementioned leader display. 0.0 is the left side of the screen, 1.0 is the right side of the screen, and -1.0 is in the center.

  • Added a new cvar, gg_leader_display_y (default 0.0), which is the Y (vertical) position of the aforementioned leader display. 0.0 is the top of the screen, 1.0 is the bottom of the screen, and -1.0 is in the center.

  • There are now Quake-style leader position sounds! They notify you when you take the lead, lose the lead, or become tied for the lead.

    Added three new cvars, gg_sound_takenlead, gg_sound_tiedlead, and gg_sound_lostlead (defaults respectively "sound/gungame/takenlead.wav", "sound/gungame/tiedlead.wav", and "sound/gungame/lostlead.wav"), which are the Quake-style sounds that play when your position as leader changes. This one was suggested by Johnny got his gun all the way back in January!

  • Added a new cvar, gg_lead_sounds (default 0.8), which is the delay between gaining a level and playing the lead sounds to a player. This is to allow the level change sounds to play uninterrupted. You should only have to change this if you use custom level change sounds. Set this to 0.0 to disable playing the lead sounds entirely.

  • Added a new cvar, gg_sound_levelsteal (default "gungame/smb3_1-up.wav"), which is already in GunGame for CS:S. This sound is played instead of gg_sound_levelup when you steal a level.

  • Added a new cvar, gg_knife_elite (default 0), which is already in GunGame for CS:S. If Knife Elite Mode is enabled, once you level up, you are forced to use a knife until the next round or until you die.

  • Added a new cvar, gg_suicide_penalty (default 1), which controls whether or not players lose a level for committing suicide. It should probably be set to 0 for Teamplay Mode in order to prevent griefing.

  • Added a cvar, gg_disable_money (default 1), which controls whether or not GunGame gets rid of players' money. Only turn this off if you have another method to prevent weapon buying.

  • If gg_tk_penalty is set to a negative value, then teamkills are treated by GunGame like regular kills.

  • Sound cvars are now dealt with in plugin precache. This means that you can now use custom sound values in your gungame.cfg and not have to change levels however many times to get it to take effect. Instead, it will work even on the first map load.

  • Sounds cvars now require the full file path. For example, instead of "gungame/..." it is now "sound/gungame/..."

  • Added support for random win sounds. The format is gg_sound_winner "winsound1;winsound2;winsound3", and so on. There can be up to 12 different win sounds, each individual sound having a limit of 48 characters, and the entire cvar value having a limit of 576 characters. They are shuffled randomly exactly like the random weapon orders.

  • Replaced the gg_knife_warmup cvar with the gg_warmup_weapon cvar (default "knife"). If set to a valid weapon name, everyone uses only that weapon during the warmup. If left blank, you can go through all of the levels like normal, but you can't win, and your level is reset after the warmup is over (like having the old gg_knife_warmup disabled).

  • Most of the chat- and HUD-messages from GunGame have been redesigned. They should provide more information while at the same time not flooding your chat box as much.

  • Overhauled the stats system again, improving efficiency immensely.

  • The top 10 list now lists the top 1000 players.

  • The warmup round now starts when the first round of the game starts (usually when both teams get a player), instead of on map load.

  • The "Player is on grenade level" and "Player is on knife level" sounds will now play when a player first reaches those levels, in addition to playing at the start of a new round if a player is on one of those levels.

  • The !scores display now shows the current kills and required kills for each player.

  • All applicable menus now have a "Jump to me" option, and your entry is highlighted in red.

  • Applicable menus will go to the page that you're on by default when you open them.

  • There are now 8 players instead of 5 on the scores menu.

  • Fixed a runtime error about weapon 29.

  • Fixed the autovote menu appearing in incorrect languages.

  • Fixed gg_block_equips 2, it should always stop weapon strips now.

  • Fixed a bug where log messages from when a player wins or gain points would have a player's IP address instead of their STEAM ID when using gg_stats_ip.

  • The default maximum number of levels allowed is now 36 (instead of 32). This is also now easier to change, being a define named MAX_WEAPONS near the top of gungame.sma.

  • The HUD messages sent by GunGame are now HudSync objects, which should hopefully make them a little bit more compatible with other plugins that display HUD messages.

  • Fixed a bug that would cause players to gain score instead of lose it when they were penalized score on the first level.

  • Fixed a bug that stopped players on a grenade, knife, or the final level from gaining score through objectives that wouldn't level them.

  • If a player receives a penalty which would send him below the first level, his score will now be bottomed out in addition to (as previously) not dropping below the first level.

  • A player's silenced or burst status in Counter-Strike on the USP/M4A1/Glock/Famas levels is now properly remembered when that player drops his weapon before he is killed.

  • All that other stuff.

05/05/07 :: GunGame AMXX 1.17b Changelog (back to top)
  • The gg_nade_refresh cvar now actually works. Bug pointed out by Tandis and tron420.

  • Setting gg_map_iterations to 0 will now repeat the map infinitely, never changing it (unless mp_timelimit or some other outside force does so). Suggested by P4rD0nM3.

  • The gungame_mapcycle.txt now finds the next map based on line numbers, instead of by map names. This basically means that you can have multiple instances of the same map in your gungame_mapcycle.txt. Also, if you manually change maps, when that map ends, it will switch to what would have been the next map in the cycle before you changed maps, instead of starting the cycle over.

  • Fixed a bug that was letting bots still gain points with gg_stats_mode 2 even when using gg_ignore_bots. Reported by Guenhwyvar.

  • Removed the gungame.stats file from the full package installation, because it auto-generates itself anyway, and it just made it extra work in order to not overwrite your old stats.

04/20/07 :: GunGame AMXX 1.17 Changelog (back to top)
  • Added a new cvar gg_nade_refresh (default 0.0), which gives players that are on the grenade level another hegrenade this often (in seconds) when they don't already have one. Suggested by everyone. ;)

  • Added a new cvar gg_block_equips (default 0), which if set to 1, stops game_player_equip's from working, and if set to 2, additionally stops player_weaponstrip's from working. Sort of suggested by MrXtramean.

  • When using gg_stats_mode 2, the points awarded messages now display the proper amounts. Reported by Guenhwyvar.

  • Fixed an issue that was causing random weapon orders and possibly other cvars not being applied properly. Reported by Guenhwyvar.

  • Fixed a problem with server.cfg sometimes being executed after gungame.cfg and thus overriding some of its values. Reported by T3.

  • Changed the default value of gg_endmap_setup to "" (nothing), to cut down on confusion for those that didn't even know that the feature was there.

  • The "Deathmatch Mode is ENABLED!" line on the welcome message should now appear when you are using CSDM to respawn. Suggested by sGueko.

  • Stats file pruning is now managed shortly after map load, instead of right before map end.

  • Fixed view angles from CSDM spawn config files not being read properly. Reported by KWo.

  • Possibly fixed an issue with the GunGame mapcycle not functioning properly in rare circumstances.

  • Added the version of GunGame as a comment to the top of gungame.cfg to aid in troubleshooting.

  • gg_enabled is no longer a public cvar. This is more of an internal change; it won't modify any functionality for the typical server admins.

04/01/07 :: GunGame AMXX 1.16b Changelog (back to top)
  • Fixed a crash bug that usually occurred near map change (thanks Mordekay!).

  • Added a new cvar gg_ignore_bots (default 0), requested by Curryking. If set to 1, bot wins and points are not saved. If set to 2, bots can't even trigger a win, unless there are no human players in the server, in addition to their wins and points not being saved.

  • Temporary saves from gg_save_temp are now cleared when a new map iteration starts.

  • Maybe slightly increased stats performance.

  • Fixed another possible buffer overflow! But I'm pretty sure that it's the last one. ;)

03/21/07 :: GunGame AMXX 1.16 Changelog (back to top)
  • GunGame will now auto-detect if you are running the CSRespawn module (located in the full package, or available for download individually), and opt to use its respawn ability over the older method. If you are not running the CSRespawn method, players will respawn just like they used to (poorly).

  • Added a new command amx_gungame_level <target> <level>, which changes a player's level. Target can be a player name, *, @ALL, @TERRORIST, or @CT. If level is prepended with a plus or minus symbol, the level change is relative. Otherwise, the level change is absolute. Requires ADMIN_BAN (or flag "d") access to use. Example:

    amx_gungame_level Avalanche 20 - sets Avalanche's level to 20
    amx_gungame_level @CT +5 - gives all CT's 5 extra levels

    Requested by polakpolak.

  • Added a new command amx_gungame_vote, which starts a vote to enable or disable GunGame. Requires ADMIN_VOTE (or flag "j") access.

  • Added a new cvar gg_allow_changeteam (default 0). If set to 1, team changes are not counted as a suicide. If set to 2, team changes are not counted as a suicide only if the change was beneficial, meaning the team change didn't stack the teams. Changing teams to your current team always counts as a suicide. Requested by ToT | V!PER.

  • Added a new cvar gg_extra_nades (default 0), which was added to GunGame Source in version 3.3u (requested for GunGame AMXX by ToT | V!PER). If enabled, players on the grenade level get an extra hegrenade every kill (regardless of the weapon), although they can still only have up to one hegrenade at a time.

  • Added a new cvar gg_endmap_setup (default "exec server.cfg"), which is basically the opposite of gg_map_setup: it's run when GunGame is disabled and when map ends.

  • Added a new cvar gg_autovote_rounds (default 0), which is how many rounds after the start of a map to automatically start a vote to enable or disable GunGame. Set to 0 to disable this feature.

  • Added a new cvar gg_autovote_delay (default 8.0), which is how many seconds after the appropiate round start (based on gg_autovote_rounds) to start the autovote.

  • Added a new cvar gg_autovote_ratio (default 0.51), which is the ratio of votes required to enable GunGame. This is used for both amx_gungame_vote and the autovote.

  • Added a new cvar gg_autovote_time (default 10.0), which is how many seconds players have to vote. This is used for both amx_gungame_vote and the autovote.

  • Added voting support for KWo's Mapchooser4 (requested by Mordekay).

  • gg_dm_start_random now works even if gg_dm_spawn_random is disabled. Note that you still need enough CSDM spawns for every player to start in a random spawn.

  • Changed the default value of gg_dm_start_random to 0, since it now works without gg_dm_spawn_random enabled.

  • Fixed a problem that was causing gungame_mapcycle.txt to not function properly (reported by R@tch3t).

  • Fixed a bug with the top 10 not being calculated at all when using large stats files (reported by Guenhwyvar).

  • Also improved the top 10 sorting method. With extremely huge stats files, players near the bottom of the file shouldn't be left out of the calculations anymore.

  • Fixed custom weapon orders not working when using the same weapon multiple times in your weapon order (reported by RaveshaW).

  • Silenced and burst status should now properly be remembered even when not running Deathmatch Mode or when gg_pickup_others is enabled.

  • The sound played when you gain score is no longer played when you lose score (suggested/reported by Guenhwyvar).

  • Players should no longer emit misleading respawn noises when using random respawn locations (suggested by VEN).

  • Players should now be able to pick up the dropped bomb during a knife warmup.

  • Improved gungame.cfg, gg_map_setup, and gg_endmap_setup functionality.

  • StatsMe should hopefully no longer cause GunGame to crash on map change.

  • Added feedback messages to all of the console commands to let you know the results of what you did. However, they are all in English (no multi-lingual support).

  • Fixed a possible buffer overflow.

  • Generally optimized some of the code.

  • The maximum number of random spawns for a map is now 128 (requested by ToT | V!PER). But, really, this is as high as I'll go! ;)

  • Added a list of valid weapon names for gg_weapon_order to the bottom of the gungame.cfg file (suggested by RaveshaW).

02/08/07 :: GunGame AMXX 1.15 Changelog (back to top)
  • Fixed the bug with players randomly having their kills not counted. Thanks a lot to polakpolak for allowing me to use his server to test on!!

  • Added a new cvar gg_dm_start_random (default 1), which controls whether or not players are placed at a random spawn on round start (only if using gg_dm_spawn_random and CSDM spawn config files). There has to be at least one CSDM spawn for every player.

  • Added a new cvar gg_stats_ip (default 0), which, when enabled, will make stats tracked by IP address instead of by STEAM ID (requested by kobri).

  • If gg_dm_spawn_random is set to 2, then players will only randomly spawn on maps which you have CSDM spawn config files for, and on maps with no spawn files, player will respawn at their own bases (instead of random bases, as if you were using 1).

  • The default maximum CSDM spawns for a map is now 60, instead of 40 (requested by ToT | V!PER).

  • gg_vote_setting is now compatible with Deagles' Map Management 2.40 as well as 2.30b (requested by ToT | V!PER).

  • When running Deagles' Map Management, the map will no longer change just about instantly when someone wins, but will instead wait for 10 seconds as it should.

  • Once the "X won!" message appears, it will now be 10 seconds (instead of 5) until the map changes. However, if there are more map iterations to play through, then it will still only wait 5 seconds before starting up the next one.

  • sv_alltalk now turns on during the winning message period. It will turn itself back off provided that you have sv_alltalk set to 0 in gg_map_setup (which it does, by default).

  • Multiple map iterations will now work if you have gg_enabled set to 0 in your gungame.cfg.

  • Hopefully, players shouldn't be switched to their knife upon spawning with unfortunate circumstances.

  • The GunGame status display is now hidden during a knife warmup.

  • Silenced and burst status should no longer conflict when a player goes from the Glock to USP level, or any other combination of silenced and burst weapon levels.

  • The order of cvars in gungame.cfg has been moved around a little bit.

  • General code fixes and optimizations.

02/02/07 :: GunGame AMXX 1.14b Changelog (back to top)
  • Removed an exploit from version 1.14.

02/01/07 :: GunGame AMXX 1.14 Changelog (back to top)
  • Added a new cvar gg_map_iterations (default 1), which is how many times to play through a map before switching to the next one. If you are using random weapon orders, a new order is chosen each iteration.

  • Added a new cvar gg_warmup_multi (default 0), which controls whether or not there is a warmup round for every map iteration (if you are using multiple map iterations). If disabled, you still play the first warmup round on map start, as long as you have that enabled.

  • Added a new cvar gg_host_kill_penalty (default 0), which is how much score (not level) a player loses for killing a hostage (requested by VEN).

  • gg_vote_setting is now compatible with Deagles' Map Management 2.30b (deagsmapmanage230b.amxx). Make sure that you have gg_vote_setting high enough to allow enough time for the vote to complete.

  • When using CSDM spawn config files, players are now placed at a random spawn on round start, but only if there are enough random spawn points for every player.

  • Players can no longer win from a level steal or objective-based level gain (so this only applies if the last level isn't the grenade or knife, as those weapons were unable to level up off of those level gains already).

  • Converted old file natives to new file natives. Stats performance is MUCH better now!

  • Fixed a potential bug with gg_stats_mode 2 where the winner would receive even more bonus points than he should have.

  • Fixed a bug with players not being able to "touch" anything during a knife warmup (pointed out by creeperdank).

  • Killing someone with the Glock on the grenade level now properly refills your ammo to 50 instead of 200.

  • If a player joins a team in the middle of a round with Deathmatch Mode disabled, and then Deathmatch Mode is enabled, he should respawn eventually (just like if a player dies with Deathmatch Mode off, and then it is turned on).

  • The GunGame status display is now hidden during a knife warmup.

  • The !score and !level displays now refresh themselves automatically when their values change.

  • "say !help" is now an alias for "say !rules"

  • "say !guns" is now an alias for "say !weapons"

  • Fixed a buffer overflow and improved character matching!

01/25/07 :: GunGame AMXX 1.13 Changelog (back to top)
  • Added a new cvar gg_stats_mode (default 1), which dictates which scoring method to use (0=stats disabled). Mode 1 is the old mode, by wins. Mode 2 awards every player a point for each level they gained, the winner getting a bonus multipler of the value of gg_stats_winbonus cvar (see below). Players are then ranked by their points, although their wins are still tracked. For example:

    gg_stats_winbonus = 1.5, 23 levels total.
    Player 1 wins GunGame: receives 23 x 1.5 = 35 points.
    Player 2 was on level 12: receives 11 points.
    Player 3 was on level 18: receives 17 points.

    When a player gets points scored, it leaves a log message in the format:
    "NAME<USERID><AUTHID><TEAM>" triggered "GunGame_Points" amount "POINTS"

  • Added a new cvar gg_stats_winbonus (default 1.5), which is the points multipler that the winner receives when using gg_stats_mode 2.

  • Setting gg_handicap_on to 2 sets the player's level to the level of the lowest level player in the server instead of the average level of all players (requested by Curryking). It ignores bots, unless the bots are the only players with a level above 1.

  • Added a new cvar gg_pickup_others (default 0), which, if enabled, allows players to pick up weapons that don't belong to their level (requested by somebody, I think). Players will still only receive points by killing with their weapon's level.

  • The Counter-Strike money display is now always hidden while GunGame is running.

  • If a player is on the USP/M4A1/Glock18/Famas level, his silenced/burst status is remembered upon death.

  • Leveling up from planting or defusing now works like stealing a level: your level is changed but your score isn't (meaning you gain a full level, not just enough points to get you to the next level).

  • Players can no longer gain points, level up, or win, if there is no one on the opposing team.

  • Player levels are no longer reset from "Game Commencing!" after the first one. Basically this means, if someone gets to level 20, everyone but him leaves the game, someone rejoins and so it says "Game Commencing!", he won't go back down to level 1. Yes, this happened to me. :(

  • Starting pistols (USP/Glock18) shouldn't drop onto the floor underneath of a player whenever he respawns anymore. Instead, they won't appear at all!

  • The "tied leader" and "leading on" messages no longer appear for level 1 (for example, if someone kills themselves while everyone is on level 1).

  • Fixed a bug with players getting multiple points for a single grenade kill (pointed out by chriswt).

  • Added an extra check to be positive that players always receive their weapon. No guaranteees anyway! ;)

  • The gg_ff_auto checks are now done upon level change, not upon weapon receive.

  • Optimized the top 10 sorting code.

01/15/07 :: GunGame AMXX 1.12 Changelog (back to top)
  • Added support for random weapon orders (as requested by Gunny). Just add a gg_weapon_orderX cvar to gungame.cfg for each possible random order. For example:

    gg_weapon_order1 "glock18,usp,p228,deagle,fiveseven,elite"
    gg_weapon_order2 "m3,xm1014,tmp,mac10,mp5navy,ump45,p90"
    gg_weapon_order3 "galil,famas,ak47,scout,m4a1,sg552,aug,m249"

    Make sure that they are in order (ie: don't use orders 1, 2, 5, 8, but instead use orders 1, 2, 3, 4). The order of random orders is shuffled once, and then played sequentially, until you reach the end of the list, and then it is shuffled again (basically this means that you will always end up playing through all weapon orders).

    Up to 10 random orders are supported by default; if you want more, change MAX_WEAPON_ORDERS near the top of the script and recompile.

  • Added support for specific weapon goals (as requested by chriswt, and probably some others). Add :X to the end of a weapon name to require X kills for that weapon. For example:

    gg_weapon_order "glock18,deagle:5,mp5navy:3,m4a1:4,awp:1,m249,knife:2"

    If there is no specific goal attached to that weapon, it is assumed to be whatever gg_kills_per_lvl is, except for the grenade and knife levels, where the default is 1.

  • Added a new cvar gg_status_display (default 0), which displays several possible things to the right of the round timer, as so:

    gg_status_display 1 -- displays leader's current weapon
    gg_status_display 2 -- displays your current weapon
    gg_status_display 3 -- displays how many kills you have left until next level
    gg_status_display 4 -- displays many kills you have made this level

    Options 3 and 4 can only show numbers up to 9, so you shouldn't use those if you have a higher kill limit per weapon. Also note that this overrides the Condition Zero bomb and hostage indicator.

    NOTE: In CZ (and possibly CS), if someone respawns after the bomb has been planted, their status display will not work at all until the next round. There is really no workaround, it's just how the game works. (Of course, I said that about the player shell bug, too...)

  • Added a new cvar gg_block_objectives (default 0), which disables map objectives if enabled (so I caved, evoncolombo... or should I say, aligind4h0us3!). It doesn't work on assassination or escape maps.

  • Added a new cvar gg_dm_spawn_afterplant (default 1), which stops players from respawning after the bomb has been planted if set to 0.

  • The bomb status on a Terrorist's radar should work after he respawns while playing Deathmatch Mode.

  • With gg_ff_auto, if a player reaches the grenade level and friendlyfire is turned on, then when there are no longer any players on the grenade or knife levels, friendlyfire will be turned back off (requested by ToT | V!PER).

  • On maps where players don't spawn with a knife, they should now always get one anyway (requested by Mordekay).

  • The !weapons list now includes the amount of kills required for that weapon to the next of it if you are using any custom kill requirements.

  • There shouldn't be any random weapons created around the map anymore if you are using a long respawn timer.

  • Glocks and USPs purposely dropped by Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists (respectively) should no longer dissappear.

  • Fixed a bug with CSDM spawn config files not working with particular spawn config files (thanks to ToT | V!PER).

  • If GunGame is disabled, it will no longer choose a winner when the map changes.

  • Fixed a runtime error in fw_touch (thanks creeperdank).

  • Generally optimized various parts of the code.

12/29/06 :: GunGame AMXX 1.11 Changelog (back to top)
  • Fixed multilingual bug with wrong languages appearing. As it turns out UTF-8 wasn't the problem, jopmako's Chinese translation has been added back in.

  • The winner's name is now properly color-coded for the "X won!" messages.

  • Added a secondary bomb detonation detection for good measure.

  • Optimized money blocking a little bit.

12/13/06 :: GunGame AMXX 1.10 Changelog (1.07 went to 1.10) (back to top)
  • Added a new command, amx_gungame, which can be used to turn GunGame on or off in the middle of the game safely, as requested by klobb. You should now always use this to toggle the functionality of GunGame in the middle of a round, instead of changing the value of gg_enabled. By default this requires ADMIN_CVAR (flag "g") access, but can be changed by modifying the COMMAND_ACCESS define at the top of the script.

  • Added a new cvar gg_host_kill_reward (default 0), which gives a Terrorist this much EXTRA score (not levels) for killing a CT that was escorting a hostage. This is to balance out the other hostage rewards that CTs can get. Players can't gain more than one extra level this way. This does not work in Condition Zero! CZ bots are just too funky, apparently.

  • Added a new cvar gg_dm_countdown (default 0), which shows a countdown timer to a player telling him how much time left he has until respawn. Possible values: 1=center say, 2=HUD message, 3=both.

  • When a player wins GunGame, it is now logged to the server (suggested by Mr. Musiker) in the following format:
    "NAME<USERID><AUTHID><TEAM>" triggered "Won_GunGame"

  • Added multilingual support as requested by arkshine. This means that everyone will now have to install the dictionary file to run the plugin. See the installation page for more information.

  • When using gg_dm_spawn_random, it will now check to see if you have any CSDM spawn files, and if so spawn you at one of those spawns. See the installation page for more information.

  • When using gg_dm_spawn_random, it will now try to find you a spawn point that isn't already occupied. If every single one is occupied, it'll just spawn you inside of someone, like it used to. Thanks to VEN for the is_hull_vacant function.

  • gungame_mapcycle.txt can now be named gungame_mapcycle.cfg, if you so feel like it. You can also place it in your AMXX config directory. Whether the extension is .txt or .cfg, and whether it is in the mod directory or AMXX config directory, it will still work.

  • Fixed a bug with stat pruning, which occurred when running AMXX 1.76a. Thanks to Mordekay for pointing this out.

  • Maybe fixed the spectator glitch again.

  • "say !restart" is now an alias for "say !reset"

  • IMPORTANT: Changed the friendly fire alert message to green instead of red, because I think that it just looks better that way, alright?

12/09/06 :: GunGame AMXX 1.07 Changelog (back to top)
  • gungame.cfg can now be placed in AMXX's configs directory (ie: addons/amxmodx/configs/) instead of the mod directory (suggested by Gunny). Note that it still works if in the mod directory.

  • Fixed some problems with the gungame.cfg, where only part of gg_map_setup would be read.

  • Fixed a runtime error (thanks Mordekay).

  • The gg_max_lvl cvar should now correctly apply to all kinds of levels, not just ones gained by kills.

  • Setting gg_bomb_defuse_lvl to 2 makes it so that the Terrorist who planted the bomb will only gain a level if the bomb actually detonates (suggested by locojob).

  • Added a new cvar gg_host_touch_reward (default 0), which is how many unique hostages a player has to touch in a round to gain a score (not level). 0 means disabled.

  • Added a new cvar gg_host_rescue_reward (default 0), which is how many unique hostages a player has to rescue in a round to gain a level. 0 means disabled.

11/29/06 :: GunGame AMXX 1.06c Changelog (back to top)
  • Players that switch to spectator in the middle of a deathmatch game won't be respawned as a spectator anymore (thanks violentcrimes).

  • For gg_vote_setting, every number above 1 is how many levels BEFORE the final level to start the vote at (for example, 1=start vote at final level, 2=start vote one level before final, etcetera).

11/26/06 :: GunGame AMXX 1.06b Changelog (back to top)
  • Fixed a bug where, when gg_handicap_on is on, but gg_top10_handicap is off, players in the top 10 would potentially start at level 0 instead of level 1.

  • Fixed the bug with stealing multiple levels from one kill.

  • Added a new cvar gg_awp_oneshot (default 1), which controls whether or not the AWP has only 1 bullet per clip (requested by moonboi03).

11/25/06 :: GunGame AMXX 1.06 Changelog (back to top)
  • Defusal kits will now only be given out on bomb maps.

  • The "X is leading on level Y" message now includes the weapon name of that level.

  • The welcome message (if enabled) will now properly show to players that join on map start.

  • If the map changes not due to GunGame (ie: time runs out, win limit is reached), the highest level player will be the winner. If there are multiple on the same level, the one with the most kills wins. If the kills are tied, the one with the least deaths wins. If the deaths are tied, a random winner is chosen from those eligible.

  • Removed the bug with player shells and long respawn times. It turns out that unresolvable issues are easily resolvable (thanks sawce).

  • Added a new cvar gg_dm_corpses (default 1), which can be turned off to stop corpses from staying around in Deathmatch Mode.

  • Players who died with Deathmatch Mode off will be respawned if Deathmatch Mode is turned on in the middle of a round.

  • Added a new cvar gg_save_temp (default 300), which remembers a player's level and score upon disconnect for that amount of time (in seconds). So if a player gets disconnected or their game crashes, they can rejoin and not have to start over.

11/21/06 :: GunGame AMXX 1.05b Changelog (back to top)
  • Fixed a potential bug with stealing a level onto the grenade or knife level.

11/21/06 :: GunGame AMXX 1.05 Changelog (back to top)
  • Fixed the crashing bug that occurred while running Deathmatch Mode, with much thanks to raa (solution offered by VEN).

  • Fixed a respawn bug that occured with a respawn delay longer than around 3 or 4 seconds (pointed out by raa).

  • Added weapon name to the leader's level display in the !level display.

  • Added weapon name to the level display in the !score display.

  • Added weapon name to the level display in the !score list.

  • The !score list is now sorted from highest level to lowest level (suggested by DeadEnd0).

  • Stealing a level or having a level stolen from you no longer resets your score to 0.

  • Removed lots of unnecessary code.

11/20/06 :: GunGame AMXX 1.04 Changelog (back to top)
  • Added custom map cycle support.

  • Added custom config support.

  • Players can no longer get the grenade level extras during a knife warmup if they are on the grenade level.

  • Players can no longer pick up their level's weapon from the ground during a knife warmup anymore (ie: fy_* maps).

  • During a knife warmup or the knife level, the Terrorist with the bomb will spawn with his knife out instead of the bomb.

  • Knife kills on the grenade level really do give the killer an extra HE grenade now (if he doesn't already have one).

  • Removed the glitchy money flash feature; your money display is simply always 0 now.

  • Fixed a bug that made some dropped weapons appear as the default HL weaponbox model.

  • Fixed the random crashing bug. I had my server running for several hours with zero crashes, eventually I just shut it down manually. Whereas before, it would usually crash in less than half an hour of running.

  • Fixed some bugs with the MP5 level, that had to do with the weapon name and weapon model name discrepancy (weapon_mp5navy versus w_mp5.mdl).

  • Changed the weapon removal code so that it should work better with the rest of the plugin, and also removed some unnecessary parts of it (thanks VEN).

  • The gg_warmup_timer_setting, if set from any config file, should have the value you set it to on first map load, instead of needing to change the map once.

11/18/06 :: GunGame AMXX 1.03 Changelog (back to top)
  • Fixed a potential error from callfunc_end, if you aren't running mapchooser.amxx (or something is wrong with it) and you have gg_vote_setting enabled.

  • Players on the grenade level should receive a new HE grenade (if they don't have one anymore) from a knife kill, as originally intended.

  • If the grenade level is the first level, and you are running knife warmup, you should no longer have grenades during your warmup.

  • Fixed a bug with CZ bots being level 0 instead of level 1 after the warmup ends.

11/18/06 :: GunGame AMXX 1.02 Changelog (back to top)
  • Added the FCVAR_SERVER flag to the gg_enabled cvar.

??/??/?? :: GunGame AMXX 1.01 Changelog (back to top)

11/18/06 :: GunGame AMXX 1.00 Changelog (back to top)
  • Initial release. Yay!
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