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Latest version: GunGame AMXX 2.13c (01/12/13)

01/12/13 :: GunGame AMXX 2.13c released
  Shortly after I announced that I stopped supporting GunGame, an issue was pointed out to me by jozzz, where a player's stats (e.g. wins, points) would incorrectly show as 0 in certain places, including the win MOTD. GunGame 2.13c has been released to fix this issue, though it also includes a few other minor changes (see the changelog). It can be downloaded here.

07/21/12 :: GunGame AMXX 2.13b released
  An extremely minor patch has been released: GunGame 2.13b. It includes a fix for gg_winner_motd 2 and allows you to use longer server IP addresses in your SQL tables. The changelog can be seen here and it can be downloaded here.
  Additionally, I want to mention again that I am no longer supporting GunGame. Thanks to everyone for all your support and dedication, and for using GunGame! I truly appreciate it, and I'm amazed by the people on the forums still asking and still answering questions--thank you!     -Jacob

12/21/11 :: GunGame AMXX 2.13 released
  GunGame 2.13 has finally been released out of beta. The biggest new feature is the ability to use integrated SQL stats instead of using flat files. There are also a few other new features and a good number of bug fixes. The changelog can be seen here and it can be downloaded here.
  There were about 3 minor bug fixes in between this version and Beta 4.
  This is the last planned version of GunGame, and unfortunately I will probably not offer much support in the future. :( If anyone is able to contribute to the missing translations, I would really appreciate it if you could post them on the forums, and I will add them to the release if I see them. Thanks!

01/06/11 :: GunGame AMXX 2.13 Beta 4 released
  Another small update for the beta of 2.13 has been released. It's mostly bug fixes, along with a new cvar to control whether or not bots can be knifed for points, as well as some new sounds courtesy of SeNz0r. The changelog from Beta 3 to Beta 4 can be seen here along with the download link.

09/08/10 :: GunGame AMXX 2.13 Beta 3 update
  The current beta has received an update. It fixes a few bugs, adds a new server command, and mainly attempts to improve the SQL performance. The changelog from Beta 1 to Beta 2 and from there to Beta 3 can be seen here along with the download link. This version is called Beta 3 because there was a Beta 2 which was never publicly released.

01/25/10 :: GunGame AMXX 2.13 Beta released
  You can now head on over to the beta page to pick up a beta for GunGame 2.13. Also, the changelog may be seen here. Sorry sincerely for your wait!

  Hi, everyone! I want to sincerely apologize for disappearing for several months. I'm still alive and well, but there has been a lot of things happening in my life that are taking up almost all of my spare time. I still incredibly want to finish up the next verison of GunGame; it's something that eats away at me a little bit every day, the way that I sort of left it in limbo like I did.

  I'm remaining hopeful that eventually I will get things straightened out in such a way as to be able to have time to work on GunGame again. Thank you to everyone for your continued support, and again, I am truly sorry for the absence.

  I'm not sure that I will get around to checking the forums yet for a while still, but feel free to e-mail me at xxavalanchexx at gmail dot com if there is anything that you want to say. Ribbit!

12/01/08 :: GunGame AMXX 2.12
  Hey look, it's another one! This is, as usual, mostly bug fixes, with your occasional extra feature thrown in here and there. You can view the changelog here. I hope to have another version one day with some integrated SQL stats support, but then that's it for me! :P Cheers.

07/25/08 :: GunGame AMXX 2.11c
  I feel really bad when I do have to do this, and please know that I don't particularly enjoy making everyone who just downloaded my plugin feel like they need to redownload it and upgrade all of their servers. I know it's a pain. I'm sorry.

  GunGame 2.11b had a bug that would cause players to not get properly reset after the warmup round ended, and so they would be stuck on the warmup round's weapon until they died or leveled up. I made a quickie release, 2.11c, to fix this bug.

07/20/08 :: GunGame AMXX 2.11b
  I've fixed up a few bugs from version 2.11 and released 2.11b. No features or gameplay changes, just bug fixes. Should be even more stable. Here is the changelog.

06/18/08 :: GunGame AMXX 2.11
  I've just put up a new version of GunGame. It was only supposed to be a solid bug fix release. However, I did stick in a few long-lingering feature requests at the last minute. If you had any issues with server stability, definitely upgrade. Here is the changelog.

03/02/08 :: GunGame AMXX 2.10 officially released
  Seriously, did it take me long enough? For your public enjoyment, the latest version of GunGame has been officially released under the moniker of GunGame AMXX 2.10. It seems like we skipped a few numbers, didn't we? Although there are "too many changes to list," I actually put most of them into a list, here.

  A brief summary of the changes: a teamplay mode, a cool MOTD display when someone wins, a handsome leader display, nifty Quake-style position sounds (there you go, JGHG), the knife elite mode from the original GunGame, random win sounds, better chat- and HUD-messages, the top 1,000 players listed, smoother weapon changes, and about a zillion bug fixes and little things that I forgot that I added.

  Oh, and when a player steals a level, it plays that funny sound that Mario makes when he gets hit and loses his mushroom. I love that sound.

02/03/08 :: Almost done!
  Here is the second beta for GunGame 2.10. All of the bugs from the first beta have been fixed, and I've added in all features and requests that have been deemed appropiate. This should be the final version, as long as no big bugs arise. You can grab it on the beta page.

12/23/07 :: Hiho
  I'm back. I sent an e-mail out to all of the donators a week ago explaining my absence and my return. If you didn't get it, please send me an e-mail at xxavalanchexx at gmail dot com and let me know. The short story for everyone else: I left because I don't like the AMXX community; I came back because I still like the GunGame community and its supporters.

  I didn't return empty-handed, though. GunGame 2.10 beta is here, and it's like 2.00 but without multi-mod support, there were too many issues. This version requires AMXX 1.80, and remember that all of the cvar names changed back from version 2.00. It's available on the beta page.

07/30/07 :: GunGame AMXX 2.00 BETA 3 available
  I've released another beta push, BETA 3. It only contains bug fixes from BETA 2. It's available on the beta page.

07/22/07 :: GunGame AMXX 2.00 BETA 2 available
  The next version of GunGame is now available for beta download, after being pre-released to the donators a week ago. The highlights are: Day of Defeat support, teamplay mode, Quake-style leader position sounds, a leader display, a fancy winner MOTD screen, and random win sounds. Head over to the beta page to check it out.

05/24/07 :: German Cvar Translations
  Curryking has put a lot of his time and effort into completely translating the cvars page into the German language. So go ahead and start reading it now, even if you don't understand German!

05/05/07 :: GunGame-sama AMXX 1.17b
  GunGame AMXX 1.17b has been released. It's a minor bugfix release (as are most releases including a single letter suffix). Mainly, only those that want to use gg_nade_refresh would need to download it. The changelog is available here.

04/20/07 :: GunGame AMXX 1.17 Released
  GunGame AMXX 1.17 is finally released! Originally planned to be only another bugfix release under the name of 1.16c, I changed enough things for me to release it under another version number. The highlights are of course bug fixes, and the overly requested ability to give players on the grenade level a new hegrenade every so many seconds. You can view the changelog here.

04/01/07 :: GunGame AMXX 1.16b Bugfix Release!
  GunGame AMXX 1.16b, released last week to donators, is now available for public download. It is primarily a bugfix release, although it does contain one new cvar, which allows you to control whether or not bot wins are counted, or if they can even win in the first place. You can view the whole changelog here.

03/21/07 :: GunGame AMXX 1.16 Released!
  GunGame AMXX 1.16 has (finally) been officially released! Head over to the download page to update. The highlights are: improved respawning, GunGame voting (automatic and manual), and a heaping amount of bug fixes. Take a look at the changelog for a full list of all of the changes.

  For those wondering about the unusually long delay, 1.16B2 was released to donators last week, and I had to wait for the donator preview period to end.

03/11/07 :: GunGame SQL 1.02 Update
  I've released a minor update to GunGame SQL, which allows you to specify all connection information in plugin-specific cvars, instead of being tied into sql.cfg.

03/06/07 :: GunGame AMXX 1.16B1
  Once again, a beta version is available to those who would like to try it out. It's a general feature release. Take a look at the Beta page for more information.

  Additionally, I've released GunGame SQL, a backend for getting your GunGame AMXX stats onto your website's SQL servers.

02/25/07 :: GunGame AMXX 1.15SPB
  A beta version is available, for those that would like to volunteer their services. It introduces a better method of respawning, that should hopefully be a cure-all for those annoying respawn glitches. Take a look at the Beta page for more information.

02/14/07 :: GunGame AMXX Website Completed
  I've finally put up the GunGame AMXX website. This should hopefully make finding information much easier, as it can easily be broken up into multiple pages, instead of the one long wall of text that is a forum post. You'll merely have to overlook my web design skills. ;)

Yes, I know what you're thinking. Seven. Green. Elephant.
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